Wednesday, September 27

Can we Agree to Disagree?

by Coltrane @ 9/27/2006 11:52:00 PM

I was recently asked by a friend for my thoughts regarding comments made by former Sports Reporters Co-host and Kansas City Sports writer Jason Whitlock. Just to paraphrase his comments in the interview in the interest of time: Scoop Jackson and Flavor Fav are Bojangles and there is a war of coonification going on amongst Black Americans and yes we have to pick sides....... The 5 percenters vs. the 10 percenters.....

I read 'The Souls of black folks', and Dubois never mentioned the ignorant ass m*&^** 5 percenters in his book.

I disagree with Jason Whitlock's premise in the interview of a new war between Black Folks and a somehow parallel of this war to a new 21st Century Civil Rights Movement. Basically, he's played the Michael Eric Dyson card, when he went at Cosby, in this case ESPN Columnist Scoop Jackson. My issue with this is in both cases is this plays into the ultimate goal of Willie Lynchism. 'Divide and the they will never rise as a people'. When these public tiffs amongst black folks arise, I always think why not show a united front in public then work together and fix ourselves and our problems in private? Being a sports writer, you would think Mr. Whitlock would understand that concept. Most Championship Teams keep their dirty laundry in the house. Why air another brother out? What do we gain as a people?

Wouldn't another approach be:

"While I know Mr. Cosby and I are trying to get to the same place r


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