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Google selects their candidate?

by justmy2 @ 8/22/2004 05:55:00 PM

Has Google selected their candidate for the 2004 election? The evidence is as follows:

1) Search for "John Kerry" in Google News and see what comes up? (It would be nice if someone could cache the page for future reference)

2) A Bush campaign volunteer and advisor was forced to resign late last night. The Bush campaign quickly removed his name from their website. Fortunately, the Google cached version of the webpage showed the advisor's name last night. This afternoon , the cached version has been removed and the new page, with no reference to the advisor, is the only version remaining on Google. (Any Google experts out there to determine if this is reasonable in such a short period of time?) See here for the full story.

3). Google will not allow a satirical set of playing cards parodying the Bush Administration to be on their site because they apparently violated a policy. The story is in today's Washington Post.

Google may be all the buzz on Wall Street these days, but retiree Arthur Rowse of Chevy Chase won't be buying shares. He's fed up with the search-engine behemoth after being told it won't take his ads because Google says he's against a group "protected by law." Specifically, the Bush administration.

...When Rowse first tried to put an ad on Google nearly a year ago, the company e-mailed him saying, "The product you are selling is okay to advertise on Google, but your website contains content that advocates against the government and individuals. If you remove all commentary on your site that advocates against the government and individuals, your ad will then be in compliance with our guidelines."

...Last week he called Google and was told the policy stood -- even though he noticed other Google ads advocating against the president's policies. On Friday, for example, The Washington Post's Web site carried one saying, "George Bush's Time Is Up. ACT For the Good of the Nation! The clock is ticking."

Food for thought. You do the cooking...

Update: As a few commenters have stated, Googlebombing is relatively easy to do. I am simply pointing out the convergence of these three items today. I doubt that Google would be so blatantly obvious if they actually were rooting for a candidate. However, this does show the power of what has become a quasi-utility. As I said, food for thought...

Update: Here is a great link that gives a great explaination of why the reasons for certain types of results when searching Google News. Interesting stuff.


At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google bombing is a fairly easy thing to accomplish. try googling "Santorum", as in the Senator from PA.

Google tries to clean these out when they find them. Perhpas the Kerry campaign will let them know.

At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Visits by the Google indexing bot come at unpredictable intervals. The convenient updating of the page in Google's index doesn't require any conspiracy -- just a bit of luck for the Bushies.


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