Sunday, September 26

Democracy in Action

by justmy2 @ 9/26/2004 06:00:00 PM

Now, this seems like a great way to show Iraqis how a democracy works?

U.S. Won't Back Iraq Election Candidates

"The White House says it considered secretly backing pro-U.S. candidates in the upcoming Iraqi election, but decided against it even though the Bush administration suspects other nations are working to influence the voting. "

"And in the final analysis, we have adopted a policy that we will not try to influence the outcome of the upcoming Iraqi election by covertly helping individual candidates for office."

A senior administration official said that deciding whether to covertly support certain candidates in the election scheduled for January was a "hard call."

That guy, standing next to the President in a press conference in the Rose Garden on Thursday, pay no attention to him. WE ARE NOT BACKING HIM...wink wink....;) ;)

If nothing else, this Administration's communications department is certainly audacious.


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