Monday, April 11

When a correction isn't a correction

by justmy2 @ 4/11/2005 11:38:00 AM

I almost ruined my shirt this morning because I laughed so hard when I read this in Howard Kurtz's column this morning.

Barnes says he was "wrong about its origin" but that if a similar strategy memo from a Democratic aide had leaked, "it wouldn't have been paid any attention to by the media."

Go read the article. Instead of correcting the first time he placed unsubstantiated innuendo and unchecked nonsense in his Monday-Front of the Style Page-column, he uses the column to basically provide the Blog of the Year and Barnes to make more ridiculous claims.

For those keeping score at home, I seem to remember a few memos from Democrats the were all over the news the last few years.

Miguel Estrada Memo

Senate Inquisition
The real scandal is what's in the Democratic memos on judges, not who leaked them.

Hmmm..that is's another gem...

Rockefeller Intelligence Committee memo

"Republican senators responded angrily to a memo about the plan leaked Wednesday, suggesting that it may violate Senate rules. Even one Democrat called for the firing of anyone involved with the memo's creation."

..."Additionally, I call on Senator Rockefeller and Senate Democratic leaders to immediately disassociate themselves from this partisan attack plan," Kyl continued. "A failure to denounce this memo publicly would clearly seem to be an acknowledgement of its authenticity."

These guys seem to have no shame. Again, read the article. If you missed the first line of the third paragraph, you might think that the memo was still a point of controversy. He didn't even give Mike Allen, his own colleague, a chance to rebutt the nonsense that he allowed the blog of the year and the beltway boy to once again discuss in his "Weekly" column.

If this is not, unadulterated bias, even it is subconscious, I don't know what is.