Sunday, October 22

Will Barack Obama run for President in 2008?

by Coltrane @ 10/22/2006 08:33:00 PM

Did anyone watch Meet the Press this Sunday (10/21/06)?

Tim Russert interviewed Illinois Senator Barack Obama which is of little surprise considering the media rounds Mr. Obama has made this week promoting his book. What was surprising was his stating that after the November elections he will think seriously about running for president and later during the roundtable discussion when a Clinton aide was quoted as saying, "Hilary won't run. Barack will run in 2008."

No disrespect to Carol Mosely Braun or Reverend Al Sharpton, but not since Jesse Jackson, and some might say not ever have we had an African American with a legitimate shot at winning run for the office of President. I spent the entire afternoon meditating on the gravity of a possible run.

What if he won? Would he be respected in the international community? Would he be assasinated by someone in a radical hate group? How many minorities would he nominate to his cabinet? Would this racially polarize the country? Who would his Vice presidential nominee be? Would a Obama-Powell ticket be too black? What prominent African Americans would come out in support of him? Which would come out in opposition to him? How would Karl Rove attack him? What hate ads would be run? How easy would the Barack Osama Bin Laden or he's a closet muslim ads take hold of the uneducated voters of the country? How polarized would the black community be? Could those that have joined the recently growing Black Republican movement really vote along party lines?

Just thinking about all this had me overwhelmed. Does this cat know what he's getting into? I was reminded of the funeral scene in the Godfather. Michael Coreleon's father had just passed away and as they sat at the funeral, Michael's brother Tom leans over with a worried look and asks his younger brother, 'Do you know how their going to come at you?' Without even Blinking, Michael details with remarkable accuracy how a meeting will be set-up by one of his Captains who will gaurantee his security and at this meeting he will be assasinated. We all know how that one ends. The classic Michael Coreleon do you denounce Satan... and all his works the priest recites at his nephew's baptism as the clips of each of the heads of the five families meeting their demise.

If Barack Obama were to run for the office of presidency there are a million and one questions to be anwsered, but what I really wonder is ....does he know how they will come at him?