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Freedom of the Press at its finest?

by justmy2 @ 8/18/2004 10:49:00 PM

Do you consider this going overboard?

August 18, 2004
"In a discussion with Scott Bleier of Hybrid Investors Mike Norman, a Fox News contributor and Fox reporter Terry Keenan the four were on the subject of Iraq and al Sadr. Cavuto asked about al Sadr What if we killed the guy Keenan responded that would be a big plus. Then Cavuto do you believe the market would take off if he was outta there.

COMMENT: Here is the anchor of a cable news network beamed across the planet, talking about how the US stock market would be better off if we killed someone. What have we come to? What must people in other countries think What must kids and teenagers right here at home think? What kind of message does it send when one sees a TV anchor ponder what would happen if we "killed the guy." I think this kind of talk is way beyond professional -- barbaric comes to mind. I'm embarrassed for us as a nation. "


At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you really this ignorant? Al Sadr is trying to keep the country in chaos, and killing him is a viable option for the U.S. military. Given that he has helped create so much chaos, it would be a positive force in the market if he were killed. All sorts of strange things effect the market, just like when it rains, the market doesn't do as well. It's a legitimate speculation if you've ever watched the show, and Cavuto asks if any major news event could affect the market. I've heard the same thing said of OBL if he were caught or killed. This isn't barbaric, it goes to the psychological effects and social rammifications of if certain events happen and how it could affect the market. Lose the smugness.


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