Thursday, August 12

Race and Politics

by justmy2 @ 8/12/2004 11:47:00 PM

Can't we all just get along?

A group financed by a major Republican contributor has begun running radio ads in about a dozen cities, many in battleground states, attacking Sen. John F. Kerry as "rich, white and wishy-washy" and mocking his wife for boasting of her African roots.

What exactly does this have to do with John Kerry's ability to be president? As far as I know, the President is "rich and white" and that apparently does not disqualify him. The people who put this out should be ashamed of themselves. It is a ridiculous ad and it should have never made it past the editing room floor. If someone put out this type of outrageous ad against President Bush, I would still call a spade a spade.


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