Tuesday, August 10

"Man Kobe, in high school you were the man Kobe"

by justmy2 @ 8/10/2004 06:29:00 PM

Accuser Files Civil Suit Against Kobe Bryant

Woman Seeks Unspecified Amount In Monetary Damages

"The 20-year-old accuser in the Kobe Bryant case filed a civil suit Tuesday seeking an unspecified amount in monetary damages from the basketball star, saying that he has a 'history of committing similar violent sexual assault on females.'"

...After Plaintiff declined Defendant Bryant's offer to join him in his jacuzzi, Plaintiff attempted to leave the hotel room and Defendant Bryant blocked her exit from the room, asking her for a hug.

...After a short period of time kissing her, Defendant Bryant's voice became deeper and his acts became rougher as he started touching Plaintiff's breasts and groping her in her genital region and buttocks

....Defendant thereafter physically restrained Plaintiff with force and violence against her will by choking her with his hands around her neck while bending her over a chair in the hotel room.

Defendant Bryant pulled his pants down and lifted Plaintiff's skirt, pulling down Plaintiff's panties while continuing to restrain Plaintiff by physical force and a perceived threat of potential strangulation if she resisted his advances.

With (sic) she was bent over the chair and forced by Defendant Bryant to remain in that position, Defendant Bryant sexually assaulted and raped Plaintiff, by unlawfully and knowingly inflicting sexual intrusion and penetration of her vagina against her will and without her consent in violation of the laws of the State of Colorado, including in violation of C.R.S. 18-3-402(1)(a) and 4(a).

Those are pretty strong acccusations. It seems to me that these charges were filed to counteract the information that was made public by the judge last week regarding the defendant's sexual history. It is amazing how lawyers, on both sides, can bypass gag orders legally. It is obviously becoming increasingly obvious that it will be very difficult to find an untainted jury and the two sides are about to engage in an knock-down drag out fight for their client's reputations.


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