Monday, August 9

More on the leak of the Pakistani double agent

by justmy2 @ 8/09/2004 08:30:00 PM

Juan Cole, Billmon, and Kevin Drum all have their own take on this situation.

Billmon pulls this quote, which basically states it all.

"The whole thing smacks of either incompetence or worse," said Tim Ripley, a security expert who writes for Jane's Defence publications.

"You have to ask: what are they doing compromising a deep mole within al Qaeda, when it's so difficult to get these guys in there in the first place?

The articles go on to state British police were forced to serve arrest warrants while their investigations were still in progress, potentially ruining their ability to locate other potential suspects and limiting their ability to win convictions in the future.

We don't have all of the information yet, but the issue seems to become more suspect by the second.


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