Friday, August 6

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

by justmy2 @ 8/06/2004 09:47:00 AM

A wise man once said choose your battles wisely. Here is just another reason to consider when you think about the cost/benefit analysis of the War on Iraq.

"There also is a growing shortage in the Army's Delayed Entry Program, which allows recruits to sign up months ahead of the time they are required to report to boot camp.
Because of an increased demand for recruits this year, the Army has been rushing delayed-entry soldiers into basic training ahead of schedule. That has depleted the pool of soldiers who would have reported next year and added to the burden for recruiters.
Loren Thompson, a military analyst at the Lexington Institute in Arlington, Va., says the signs point to difficult times ahead for the Army.

'This is not a good situation. The National Guard is not meeting its recruiting numbers, the active-duty Army is having to take unusual steps just to meet its numbers,' Thompson says. 'The practice of putting delayed-entry personnel in right now assures that after the election the numbers will not be met.'"


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