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Cutting off your nose to spite your face

by justmy2 @ 8/19/2004 12:06:00 AM

I continue to say I won't discuss this, but this issue continues to be in the news. If anyone still puts any credence into the nonsense being discussed about John Kerry's military record, they are simply unwilling to face facts. How much proof does anyone need that the attacks are politically motivated. Kerry's attackers, as you see below, are even willing to dishonor their own records and the Navy itself simply to attack John Kerry. It is beyond all belief. Can we begin to discuss real issues at some point?

Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

Records Counter A Critic Of Kerry

"Newly obtained military records of one of Sen. John F. Kerry most vocal critics who has accused the Democratic presidential candidate of lying about his wartime record to win medals contradict his own version of events. "

In newspaper interviews and a best-selling book, Larry Thurlow, who commanded a Navy Swift boat alongside Kerry in Vietnam, has strongly disputed Kerry's claim that the Massachusetts Democrat's boat came under fire during a mission in Viet Cong-controlled territory on March 13, 1969. Kerry won a Bronze Star for his actions that day.

But Thurlow's military records, portions of which were released yesterday to The Washington Post under the Freedom of Information Act, contain several references to "enemy small arms and automatic weapons fire" directed at "all units" of the five-boat flotilla. Thurlow won his own Bronze Star that day, and the citation praises him for providing assistance to a damaged Swift boat "despite enemy bullets flying about him."

...Last month, Thurlow swore in an affidavit that Kerry was "not under fire" when he fished Lt. James Rassmann out of the water. He described Kerry's Bronze Star citation, which says that all units involved came under "small arms and automatic weapons fire," as "totally fabricated."

"I never heard a shot," Thurlow said in his affidavit, which was released by Swift Boats Veterans for Truth. The group claims the backing of more than 250 Vietnam veterans, including a majority of Kerry's fellow boat commanders.

A document recommending Thurlow for the Bronze Star noted that all his actions "took place under constant enemy small arms fire which LTJG THURLOW completely ignored in providing immediate assistance" to the disabled boat and its crew. The citation states that all other units in the flotilla also came under fire.


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