Tuesday, August 10

General Franks may want to rethink his war plan....

by justmy2 @ 8/10/2004 06:56:00 PM

Spencer Ackerman pulls this gem from General Tommy Franks just released book.

Then I turned to reveal the next chart: PHASE IV: POST-HOSTILITY OPERATIONS. "As stability operations proceed, force levels would continue to grow--perhaps to as many as two hundred and fifty thousand troops, or until we are sure we've met our endstate objectives." [Emphasis added.]

--General Tommy Franks, in a briefing to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on his updated plan for an invasion of Iraq, February 1, 2002, according to Franks's memoir, American Soldier, p. 366

And when exactly does the Post-Hostility phase begin?

At any rate, we still only have about 150,00 troops on the ground. does anyone still believe civilian leadership in our government followed the advise of the military? If so, I have this bridge in Brooklyn that I am selling. I have no idea what the right number is, anywhere between 0 - 250,000, but I think the statements such as this one by Paul Wolfwitz should stop.

SEC. WOLFOWITZ: Well, I'm not sure where you get it because that's--you've said a lot. Let me start with something Bill Bradley said last night which simply falls. [sic] He said General Shinseki was fired. General Shinseki was not fired. General Shinseki served his full four years as chief of staff for the army. I think he also said that President Bush ignored the advice of his senior military advisor that we needed 300,000 troops in Iraq. I presume you're referring to General Shinseki. President Bush's senior military advisors for the war, were not the chief of staff of the army. They were the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Myers, and General Franks, the combatant commander in Iraq. And General Frank's requirement was exactly what he got and his estimate of what we needed postwar was about a quarter of what General Shinseki talked about in public.


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