Monday, August 30

Newspaper Editors Not For Truth

by justmy2 @ 8/30/2004 08:35:00 PM

I am far removed for my journalism classes, but I don't seem to remember this lesson::

[Washington Post Executive Editor Leonard] Downie Jr. said he believes the Swift Boat Veterans coverage had been fair and properly scrutinizing. 'We have printed the facts and some of those facts have undermined Kerry's opponents,' he said. 'We are not judging the credibility of Kerry or the (Swift Boat) Veterans, we just print the facts.'

So if someone signed an affidavit John Kerry had just landed on aircraft carrier in San Diego and pronounced Mission Accomplished in Vietnam to demonstrate his ability to be Commander-in-Chief and had pictures to prove it, the editor of the Washington Post would print it because it is not his job to judge the credibility of his newspaper's sources?

What a silly man? Judging the credibility of the information in his newspaper is not only one of his jobs, it just might be one of his most important jobs. If he really believes this, don't be surprised to see a Jack Kelly/Jayson Blair type situation at the Post very soon.


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