Tuesday, August 3

Putting the Bush Doctrine to the test

by justmy2 @ 8/03/2004 11:31:00 PM

So if you invade a country on a guess that they have restarted their nuclear program and break their promises to the international community, what do you do when it is not a guess?

Iran has broken the seals on nuclear equipment monitored by United Nations inspectors and is once again building and testing machines that could make fissile material for nuclear weapons.

Teheran's move, revealed to The Daily Telegraph yesterday by western sources, breaks a deal with European countries under which Iran suspended "all uranium enrichment activity".

It will also exacerbate fears that the regional power is determined to make an atomic bomb within a few years.

So to summarize, the real lesson this administration has taught the rest of the world is get your WMD before, as Jay-Z would put it, "your the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen"


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