Thursday, August 19

Zell Miller - The Ultimate Flip-Flopper

by justmy2 @ 8/19/2004 11:25:00 PM

Sen. Zell Miller, a Georgia Democrat who gave the keynote speech at Bill Clinton's 1992 nominating convention, will do the same thing for President Bush at the Republican National Convention.


At 4:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you call it a flip-flop if in 12 years he has changed his mind. 9/11 was a powerful catalyst in this country, and he's explained why he's "flip-flopping" as you call it. He's not just doing it for no reason, he's doing it because he supports Bush and his war on terror, whereas 1992 was a different time and different scenario. Any 10 year-old could deduce as much.

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