Tuesday, August 3

The Golden Rule

by justmy2 @ 8/03/2004 11:35:00 PM

The golden rule, those with all the gold, make all the rules.

Your tax dollars in action...

Baghdad - United States aircraft dropped leaflets on the rebellious Iraqi city of Fallujah on Tuesday, warning residents they will lose $102-million (about R637-million) in rebuilding funds if they do not halt attacks and allow US troops to enter freely.

"If the security situation does not improve you will lose $102-million, which is already allocated and approved. This amount of money will be transferred to peaceful and open towns," the leaflet said.

...Washington has allocated $18,4-billion (about R115-billion) for rebuilding across Iraq, but the country's precarious security has prevented large amounts of that money from being disbursed.

Hmmm...bribery...wonder if that was in the official "post-war" plan.

Granted, I don't think we should just be giving money away while our soldiers are being shot at on a regular basis, but doesn't that hold true for many other cities in Iraq. If so, what will be achieved if funding is pulled? It seems like that will only intensify the problem. Another Catch-22 with no good solution.


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