Tuesday, August 3

Juan Cole vs. Dick Cheney

by justmy2 @ 8/03/2004 11:39:00 PM

I do not think Mr. Cheney would ever want to get in a debate with Juan Cole. Once again, he lays out the critical flaws in this Adminstration's current policies.

Must Read...

Cheney Watch

Excerpt...but you should really read the entire post...

Those people being polled are the recruitment pool for al-Qaeda. You want to get them on America's side, not drive them further away. Bush/Cheney have completely alienated them. And, no, you can't just scare them or beat them into submission. Cheney's plan to conquer Iraq has been implemented. After defeating the Iraqi army hands down and pouring a sixth of a million of troops into the country, the US still hasn't managed to scare or cow the Iraqis into submission. The lesson the other Arabs take away from the mounting toll of dead and wounded US troops is that America can be taken on, if not on the battlefield, then with guerrilla tactics.

Hey, we were trying to convince them that we can't be taken on with those methods, and that there isn't any need to do so anyway since the US poses no danger to them. Instead, Bush/Cheney have actually managed to convince the few Muslims who had positive views of us to change their minds!

Four more years of this kind of "success," and we really will be in danger.


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